Glass Garage

Today we present you another luxurious garage. This time the one we bring to you has been fully built of glass. This garage is really modern. It allows us to see the sport cars from the outside as if they were in a car show room. 

The view we have from the inside of this exotic garage is incredible. We can enjoy the great city at the same time we are sharing the space with marvellous exotic cars desings and curves.

Having a lot of glass or windows in a garage is not as good as it seems to be. In this case we don't have at least some curtains. These sports cars are exposed to the sun all day long, that could cause severe damage to rubber and paint, the can lose colour. So that when we decide to build luxurious garages with lots of windows or glass as in this case, it is always recommended to include a set of curtains to save the cars from this kind of damage. Otherwise, another good solution would be to cover the cars. 


Insane Luxurious Garage

Today we bring to you the most espectacular and luxurious garage we have ever seen (up to this moment!). It has converted on our website logo because its luxury and elegance. Good taste and style are two adjectives that match the description of such an exotic garage.

The multimillionaire owner of this wonderful sport cars collection spended a lot of money on this luxurious garage. Being inside this garage is like being in the middle of the most expensive living room in a Hollywood mansion. Wood panels, nice windows, and lots of expensive pictures showing cars are part of this atmosphere. This is a dream garage. All the details are complemented by the great ilumination. Lights reflect over the cars and floor, giving us the impression of being in the best show room. 

If you like exotic and luxurios garages you will like the following photos, enjoy!


A Simple but Luxurious Garage

Today we present you another wonderful luxurious garage. This time we will stop talking about big mansions and multimillionaire people. We will show you the garage of a small collectionist who, with a lot of effort and hard work, managed to build his own luxurious garage and also bought a Porsche to start with his exotic cars collection.

In the photos we can see that the exterior design of this garage is very simple. From the outside we can see the exotic cars in its interior, that's a really nice detail. The facade is decorated with some plants, that makes it a bit modern.

A separate room takes part of this luxurious garage. The owner of this exotic garage likes to invite his friends, that's why he included very comfortable sofas and a modern and very nice bar.